25 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Today I am going to be giving you all some ideas for your New Year’s resolutions. I am going to be posting my New Year’s resolutions later on this week so be on the look out for that. All of these ideas are great resolutions that you can work on to make your year even better than it is already going to be.


1. Love yourself

We can all be way to hard on ourselves. Our inner voice can be so critical of ourselves and it gets tiring. Try to be kinder with yourself and accept your flaws.

2. Read more books

No matter how much you read, you can always read more. I love reading but I would like to read more. Maybe try to cut down on social media time and read more. Reading self help books can also be something to make your year better.

3. Drink more water

This one is simple and can be pretty easy if you stick with it. Drinking more water is just great for your body and can be a great way to better yourself without much effort.

4. Travel

We all want to travel more, so try to do just that this year! Goals don’t always have to be difficult or not fun. This year, try to find some adventure and go on a trip that you have always wanted to go on.


5. Make your bed

I have heard that the most successful people (according to money and jobs) all have one thing in common. They make their bed! I already make my bed every morning and trust me, it will help you feel cleaner and more organized.

6. Positivity

Having a better mindset is something that most people need to work on. We all are a bit too negative in our thinking and actions. Try to be mindful of this and include a bit more positivity in your thoughts and actions this year.

7. Save money

This year, try to put some more money in savings. I know it can be difficult but even if it is just a little, it is great. Focusing on what you are saving for helps achieve this goal.

8. Make new friends

Try to make at least a couple new friends. This means you might have to get involved in a new activity or just branch out a little bit.

9. Cut back on social media

This is one of my main goals for 2020. Social media isn’t all bad, but it isn’t very good either. We spend too much time on social media when we could be doing so many other things. Be mindful of how long you are on social media and try to cut back on it.


10. Exercise

This one is a pretty basic goal, but a good one. Exercising helps mental and obviously physical health. If you don’t exercise already it can help you in so many ways other than weight loss. Try out yoga, cardio, weight lifting, running, dance, or any other type of exercise that you find fun!

11. Give back

Something that I started working on this year was giving back. I started the Grace Project to donate money each month to a specific charity. This months charity is here! Giving back feels amazing and is an amazing thing to do!

12. Wake up earlier

I know it’s great to sleep in, but that can be wasting time. Try to wake up a bit earlier. Maybe get in a walk or get some work done before the day starts. It’s a great way to feel more productive.

13. Be kind

Try to add a bit more kindness into your life. Smile at someone, pay for someones drink, text a friend, compliment someone, just overall try to be a kinder person.

14. Write

Writing is a great way to reduce stress and kind of get out your feelings. Whether it is writing in a journal, bullet journaling, or just creative writing, it is great for your mind.


15. Skincare

If you have been wanting to perfect your skincare routine or just start one, now is the time. Take some time to give your skin some TLC.

16. Breathe

Breathing is so important to our bodies (obviously lol) but we don’t take enough time for it. Sit down and take several deep breaths. You can meditate or just breathe, it is a healthy thing to do and very easy.

17. Be confident

Try to be a bit more confident. This depends on your personality but things like having better posture, truly feeling confident, saying your mind, and not apologizing are things you can work on.

18. Get more sleep

If your body doesn’t have enough sleep it can have a hard time functioning. Try to make sure that you are at least getting 8 hours of sleep each night.

19. Spend less money

This one ties into the “save money” goal, but try not to waste your money. Buy less coffee, extras, save your gas, use coupons. Try to do small things to save your money better than you do now.


20. Quiet time

I struggle with just having peace and quiet, I always like music or a TV show on. Try to spend some time with your thoughts. It will help you be more mindful and relaxed.

21. Be thankful

Everyday, write down a couple good things that happened to you that day. If you aren’t into writing, try to talk about something good that happened. We like to complain, so be mindful of that and try to cut back on complaining and just be thankful for the good.

22. Sugar

If you have a hard time with the goal of just eating healthier, try to eat less sugar or completely cut out sweets from your diet. This can be difficult but you will feel much more awake and just good in general.

23. Focus on goals

Make this the year that you focus on your goals. Try to do things and create habits that help you achieve goals that you really are about.

24. Learn something new

Trying out something new is always a great idea. Try out a new hobby, learn a new language, test out a sport. Anything new that you want to try out, go for it! You can get exposed to many cool things and opportunities as well as new friends through this.


25. Grow your faith

For those of you that are religious, try to better your faith and how you practice your religion. Read the Bible more, go to church more often or regularly, pray more often, join a Bible study group, trust God in your life, make more friends with your same religion, anything to grow your faith. There are many goals you can have related to your faith, but these are just a few.

Those are some ideas for your New Year’s resolutions. I recommend choosing a couple so that you can focus your energy on those. Thanks for reading and merry almost Christmas! If you want, subscribe to my blog to make my day 🙂                      – Briana

Question: What are your New Year’s resolutions?


2 thoughts on “25 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

  1. I’m all for New Year’s resolutions but I strongly believe they should be measurable and have smaller goals to fit the big picture. For example, “learn a new language” is a great idea but seems intimidating unless it’s broken up into smaller goals like “practice [langage] for [x] hours a week” so you can keep on top of it! With that, I hope to practice Spanish more and read 52 books in 2020 x

    Rachel || http://anotherstationanothermile.com

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