Are you just going through the motions? | Tips To Enjoy Life More

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be talking about just feeling like your life is in a loop  or you are just going through the motions and I will also be giving you tips to enjoy your everyday life a bit more. It can be easy to feel like your life is the same thing every day. I know sometimes that I feel like I just go to school, go to work and go home with a bit of stress in between. In this post I am going to be giving you some tips that have helped me. Don’t forget to subscribe and I hope this helps you all!

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In order to feel less like you are just in a loop, give yourself little surprises through out the week or month or even day. This can literally be anything. Today I sat down with my best friend and we planned out when we were going to go out to coffee or get food during our break at school. Get coffee or food. Buy yourself something special. Sleep in. Whatever makes you happy, make sure you include it in your life sometimes.



Give yourself breaks. Breaks are so important even if you don’t feel like you need one. You know you need a break when you want to get sick just to have time off. One day every now and then make sure you relax and have a break. This can be just taking a day off of work or school or just a weekend. If you don’t have that kind of luxury take a few hours to yourself to relax, read, have a bath, etc. I have a 4 day weekend coming up soon and I am very excited about it. It makes me feel slightly more motivated to keep going.



Feeling connected to the rest of the world is important and so is hanging out with friends. I always feel a lot better if I can get together with a friend and just have fun and talk. If you don’t have friends or friends you can hang out with, form a study group at school for a class. That way you can get connected with some people.



Words can influence your life more than you could imagine. If you are constantly being negative about yourself, your life, others, etc, it will drain you. Practice showing yourself some love and including a bit more positivity in your life and thoughts.



Work toward your goals. Having goals is helpful in keeping you motivated. If you don’t have any goals, take a short amount of time to create some. Whether it has to do with graduating from school, doing good on a test or if it’s work related, gaining experience or saving up for something. When you feel like you are in a loop or feel unmotivated, remind yourself of what you are working towards.


look forward

Having something to look forward to is what helps me out a ton. It can be something small or big, but look forward to it. Plan a vacation or just a day trip. Literally anything that you enjoy doing, dedicate a bit of time to doing that. Right now I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.



Sometimes all you need is a bit of change. Do something that can just make your life feel a little refreshed. You can change your lifestyle, rearrange your room, change your style, change your morning or night routine, cut your hair, anything. This is a great way to feel a little different in your daily life.



If you are religious prayer and studying the Bible helps me out. I love to look up verses on Pinterest to help when you are feeling a certain way. Praying and asking God for help with your problems, feelings, or anything helps me feel like I am just getting things off of my chest.


get out

Sometimes just getting out of your house, or getting out of your normal routine can help you fee a bit better. Something that helps me feel refreshed but also productive is go to a coffee shop to do work. This is also fun because you can try some new food and kind of be adventurous more than usual.



I know it may not seem like it, but being healthy and nourishing your body helps you feel better. Doing a small amount of daily exercise (or a lot) helps me feel refreshed and better. Eating healthy and drinking water also gives you a boost of energy and helps with mental health. Not only will working out help you feel better, but it might make you feel better about yourself as well.


something new

Try something new. If you are sick of what you are doing, try out something new. Try out a new hobby or a new activity. Right now I am trying out acting and a few new things this year. I think that trying out photography is something that can be fun for anyone. Just adding a little change and something new can help you out.



Lastly, going on walks is honestly so therapeutic. Whether you listen to music (I like to listen to worship music), or just listen to your thoughts, it is a must. Also, being outside feels so great. If you haven’t gone on a walk lately, do it! You will not regret it! If you are up for something a bit bigger, try going on a hike, but walks are amazing as well.

Those are some of my tips to help you enjoy life more and feel less like you are just going through the motions. Let me know in the comments if you have other tips to help. Also, please like, comment and subscribe to my blog! Thanks for reading!  ❤            – Briana

question: What helps you enjoy life more?

9 thoughts on “Are you just going through the motions? | Tips To Enjoy Life More

  1. Love this! ✨ You’ve shared so many tips that I know will help when I look back on them + take action with them. My family help me to enjoy life even when I’m annoyed with them as I know that feeling won’t last too long 😂 Great post! ❤️

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