August Favorites :)

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be showing you my August favorites and also sharing with you some inspirational quotes. Before we get into it, please subscribe to see more of my content!


live original blog

If you are looking for a good Christian blog to read, definitely check out the live original blog. This is a group of college age girls who write about their experiences, give advice and just chat on their blog. They just came out with a very cool and thought out workbook that is free to download. I am super excited to dive into it.


jurassic park

I bet you have watched the movie, but have you read the book? I didn’t really even know that there was a book, but it is actually so good! I thought that it might be boring since it is so old, but it is now one of my favorites! I highly recommend reading it if you haven’t already.


brooklyn and bailey

Another YouTube channel that I have continued to love is Brooklyn and Bailey. I also love to watch their family channel, Cute Girls Hairstyles. They always have really fun and entertaining content that I like to watch whenever I am bored. They are also in college, so it is cool to watch someone else experience college, and what it is like.


styled hair

Something else that I am loving is doing my hair. I never used to do my hair, but I recently realized how much of a difference it makes. I like to either straighten my hair like normal, or use a curling iron and just lightly curl my hair away from my face. This is just an easy way that I curled my hair to create messy curls. That was me on the cruise btw.


labrant fam

Next, I have been loving to watch Cole, Savanna, Everleigh and their baby, Posie. It is so entertaining for me to watch a family doing their every day life for some reason lol. They are also Christians and are super cute.


clean room lol

Ok, I know this one probably sounds pretty dumb, but I have been loving having a clean room. When I was on my cruise, my mom surprised me by cleaning my room. I was surprised by how nice it looks haha. Besides having a clean room I have been loving the way that my plants look.


vegetarian black bean chipotle patty

This one is pretty random, but I love vegetarian black bean chipotle patties. If you didn’t know, I just found out that I am allergic to beef and dairy. Since then, I have been trying to eat more on the vegan side (which is so hard!) and I found these. They are so good with bbq sauce, lettuce, and onions in a sand which. Beware though, some of these have dairy in them which is annoying.







South of the border – Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello, Cardi B

London Boy – Taylor Swift

lovely – Billie Eilish and Khalid

Church (take me back) – Cochran and Co

Thank you so much for reading! Those are all of my favorites for the month of August! Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to my blog, because it would mean a lot!

Question: What is something you have loved during the month of August?

12 thoughts on “August Favorites :)

  1. Love this! I definitely want to check out the Live Original blog! I also really like the quote “people are going to talk about you…” because it is so true. And yes God knew what he was doing from the very start! Excellent! Shared!

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